Guitar bodies

From closet clean to heavy wear...

All our replacement bodies are made from hand selected premium grade, lightweight tonewoods, mainly western red alder and swamp ash. A standard range includes Strat, Tele,  La Cabronita, Jazz & Precision bass....custom routs and custom made bodies also available. All slab bodies are available with optional binding/purfling to the front and/or back.

Using nitro cellulose products exclusively, we finish all bodies to new condition before any ageing takes place. This includes proper preparation and appropriate base-coating. Then they are taken through various stages of ageing - with fading, yellow/tobacco staining and wear levels as required.

The following link shows various degrees of ageing and wear. More examples can be seen on the fully-built guitars in our "complete guitars" section. For details on finishes and available colours, take a look at our colours page.

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Guitar necks

Replacement necks

Our standard replacement necks are high quality made in Japan by Hosco/Allparts. Timbers are first class and the build quality is consistently high. We apply the finish in our own workshops using nitro cellulose tinted lacquers and age them appropriately to match our bodies using our specialist techniques.

We supply all necks with the fingerboard edges rolled and frets levelled.

Choose from one piece maple with skunk stripe, or maple with rosewood fretboard. On the rosewood fretboards we fit genuine aged and shrunken clay dot markers as an optional extra, to complete the vintage look.

  • Replacement necks for Strat and Tele one piece maple or maple with rosewood fretboard.... C profile, 7 1/4" or 10" fretboard radius, 2 3/16" heel width,  vintage fretwire.
  • Replacement necks for La Cab...one piece maple, C profile, 10" fretboard radius,  vintage tall fretwire, 2 3/16" heel width.
  • Custom made necks are also available.

Below are some pictures showing examples of different levels of ageing and wear. Choose from aged not worn, light wear, medium wear, heavy wear.

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Guitar kits

Building your dream guitar...?

Knowing what a mine field it can be trying to source and select parts for your build, we have made the process easier. Our vintage build guitar kits come in a range of popular styles and include: body, neck and aged nickel hardware. As a bonus, we will also include an appropriate aged pickguard and switch tip at no extra cost. To complete the build you will need to add pickups and electrics.

Please note that only guitars supplied fully built by us will bear a serial number.

Alongside our featured kits, you can custom order your own combination of parts. For ideas browse through the bodies  necks and hardware pages.

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Guitar hardware

Complete hardware kit for your custom aged guitar...

Choose from a '50's or '60's kit for Tele Strat or a La Cab. All the parts are high quality nickel plated, some are genuine Fender whilst others are sourced from Japan. This is particularly noticable on our neckplates and control plates which are "thin" vintage spec. Ageing levels are light or medium and extremely authentic using our own specialist techniques. There are no chemicals or coatings to rub off....The distressing is permanent....

We like to call it "accelerated ageing", our process is natural and will of course continue to age further and naturally, over time.

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How to buy from us

Feel free to contact us with your requirements or ideas for a quote. enquiries@42ndstreetguitars.co.uk

get in touch....most things are possible!


Purchases can be made by bank transfer or cheque.

We require a 30% deposit with the balance due on completion and prior to shipping.

Stage payments can be organised too.